The DSE157 is an output relay expansion module for use with DSEControl® and DSEPower® Series Modules (excluding DSE51xx). The DSE157 has been designed to extend a host modules output capabilities. The additional capabilities allow OEM’s to meet increasingly complex industry specifications. The module incorporates ‘DIN’ rail mountings and an interconnecting FCC 68 cable, allowing quick fixing into a panel. The module will work up to 50 meters from the host control module.


The DSE130 is an input expansion system used to provide modules within the DSEControl® and DSEPower® Series (excluding the DSE51xx & DSE52xx) with additional analogue and digital input capabilities.


The DSE124 is a CANbus extender capable of extending either the Multiset Comms (MSC) Load Share Link or engine CANbus.

4 red LEDs provide indication of the module’s operational status.

Two variants are available:
1.     124-01. 
With fibre optic port.  This version can be used to provide a 2000m segment between two extenders with no reduction in
speed or number of modules that can be accommodated.
2.     124-02
Without the fibre optic port.  This version is used for applications where only the copper cable is required.

A maximum of 8 copper 250m segments and 2 fibre optic 2000m segments can be used together.

Both modules have been designed for DIN rail mounting or for fitting directly to the chassis.