DSEControl DSE7110

The DSE7110 is an automatic control module for single gen-set applications.  The module incorporates a number of advanced features to meet the most demanding on-site applications.
The DSE7110 has been designed to start and stop diesel and gas generating sets that include electronic and non-electronic engines..
The module is simple to operate and features a user-friendly menu layout for improved clarity.  Enhanced features include a real time clock for improved event logging and a 132 x 64 pixel LCD display.

Main Features NEW FEATURES
  • Fast loading 
  • Safety On delay timer can now go below 10 seconds
  • Flexible sender input now has pre-alarm warnings

•           Real time clock
•           132 x 64 pixel LCD display
•           USB connectivity
•           Five key menu navigation
•           Configurable via PC software
•           Front panel editor
•           LED and LCD alarm indication
•           Engine exercise mode
•           Configurable start & fuel outputs
•           Automatic load transfer
•           Seven configurable inputs
•           Eight configurable outputs
•           Configurable timers and alarms
•           Magnetic pick-up and CAN
•           Improved programmable event log (5) showing
date and time
•           Alternative configuration    
•           Charge alternator fail warning and shutdown alarms with user programmable delay       
•           Sleep mode
•           Easy access diagnostics page via PC, shows summary of output states
•           Front panel editing of scheduler
•           132 x 64 pixel ratio makes information easy to read
•           Real time clock provides accurate event logging
•           PC software is license free
•           Set maintenance periods can be configured to maintain optimum engine performance
•           Advanced PCB layout ensures high module reliability
The module is operated via the START, STOP, AUTO and MANUAL soft touch membrane buttons on the front panel.  The module also includes load switch buttons. The main menu system is accessed using the five navigation buttons to the left of the LCD display.
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