The DSE6010 is an Automatic Start control module for single gen-set appications and designed to work with electronic and non-electronic engines providing advanced engine monitoring and protection features.
 The module includes includes a backlit LCD display which clearly shows the status of the engine at all times.  It will monitor frequency, voltage, current, oil pressure, coolant temperature and fuel level.  The module has also been designed to display the warning and shutdown status of the engine.
The module includes seven inputs and six outputs.  Four outputs are configurable on the magnetic pick-up version and six are configurable on the CANbus version.  The module can be programmed using the front panel or by using the DSE Configuration Suite PC software.
Main Features
    • Fast loading 
    • Safety On delay timer can now go below 10 seconds
    • Flexible sender input now has pre-alarm warnings
  • CAN and magnetic pick-up versions (to be specified on ordering)
  • PC and front panel configurable
  • 4 digital inputs/3 analogue inputs
  • 6 outputs (4 configurable on the magnetic pick-up version, 6 configurable on the CANbus version)
  • 3 phase generator voltage monitoring
  • Event log (5 events)
  • Configurable timers
  • Automatic shutdown or warning when fault condtiions are detected
  • Remote start on or off load
  • Engine pre-heat
  • Advanced metering capability
  • Engine hours counter
  • Red LED indicator for warning or shutdown
  • Icon LCD display
  • Protected Solid State outputs (PSS)
  • Hours counter provides accurate information for monitoring and maintenance periods
  • User-friendly set-up and button layout
  • Multiple engine parameters are monitored simultaneously
  • Module can be configured to suit individual requirements
  • Wide range of engines can be specified
  • Uses the DSE Configuration Suite PC software for simplified programing
  • IP65 rating offers advanced protection against water ingress when supplied gasket is fitted
  • The engine is started using the HAND button and START button on the front of the module
  • Once pressed, the module instructs the engine to initiate its pre-heat sequence and then start the engine
  • To stop the engine the STOP button on the front of the module is pressed
  • The AUTO button is pressed to put the module into Auto mode
  • The module's start sequence is initiated by the activation of the remote start input
  • The pre-heat sequence is then initiated and the engine is started
  • To stop the engine, the remote start signal is removed or the STOP button on the module is pressed
The engine overspeed trip setting can be calibrated for 50Hz or 60Hz nominal operation.
Alternative /
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DSE6020 - Auto Mains Failure Module

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